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Welcome To AnimeManga-Plus!



AnimeManga-Plus is now open to everyone!




This group is here to display works of anime and manga. The population of anime fans is growing whether they like Japanese or Chinese anime doesn't metter! We support all kinds. Even anime like Chi (the cat) and Pokemon! It doesn't matter the skill level as long as what you submit is your best work!

If you love anime and manga. Then join us c:

Art Submission Guidelines

:bulletpink: Anyone may submit art to the featured folder or the favorites. But it will be approved by me and my co-founders. If it doesn't seem like it's good enough to be featured or a favorite then it will be rejected point blank.

:bulletpink: We are an anime club so pieces not pertaining to anime are not to be submitted.

:bulletpink: We know that accepting art can be hard because you all have different styles! (We like diversity!) But if your art is too close to a normal cartoon style or too similar to a western animation style it will not be accepted.

:bulletpink: Each person can only submit 3 art pieces here daily to avoid big time spamming. It will probably change when we get more members.

:bulletpink: Mature art is allowed just please submit it to the right folder!

:bulletpink: Submit your art to the RIGHT FOLDER. If it isn't submitted into the correct folder it will be promptly deleted and then you'll have to resubmit it and we'll have to re-accept it and that's a big mess so... just submit it to the right folder.

Thank you for reading!


Gallery Folders

Doodles 9 by Black-Curls
Doodles 7 by Black-Curls
Work in progress by Black-Curls
Celestial Efflorescence by SuiginTwo
Digital OC
Seme Luke Evans by Ria-Kisaragi27
Com: Mishakiara by yasupan
00's Anime Challenge: Mewlissa by jellophish
Kai by Tamuu-ii
Traditional OC

Mature Content

Heroes by OakJum9014
2/2 Commission - LadyKochou by AgnesAr
melo in a cup  by Eiralyse
CE: Kotone Sora by Surkuhupainen
Digital Fanart
Stealth Fighter by TokyoGo-Go
Nev Scharrel as Cream the Rabbit by MZimmer1985
Side to Side by jellophish
Suki Waterhouse as Cammy White by MZimmer1985
Traditional Fanart
soft days by Eiralyse
Planetary Trio by sydneypie
Say 'Hi' to my little Pikachu (3D Drawing) by Ankredible
The Sailor Moon Of Somewhere by OakJum9014
Group Art
LuCee Dakimakura Collaboration by Ria-Kisaragi27
Happy Birthday To-kun by Ria-Kisaragi27
Bank Gijinkas by Ria-Kisaragi27
Levi Ackerman and Reiya Kaufmann by Ria-Kisaragi27
Mature Artwork

Mature Content

Sisters by redcomic
Dat Virgin Killer Sweater by KaenBlue

Mature Content

Secret Love by TokyoGo-Go
Mascot Contest Submissions
February tale p1 Neil Gaiman by drika111

(ex: Mascot Contest!)
(ex: Which Vocaloid's Voice Is This?)
(Get Your Art Featured In The Group Journal!)
(Get Tips and Pointers From Higher Level Artists!)

(Show How Much You Have Improved!)

If you have any more ideas for activities to keep you guys busy just send me a note!



This contest will be judged by me and my first co-founder Suicide Silence. We want the best and the cutest to represent the group. Below will be details and preffered types of mascots. And some examples of the mascots and anime girls I like. There will also be guidelines on what we want and what we don't.

You can draw whatever you want! Close! But not quite...

:bulletgreen: If you enter you must submit your picture to the Mascot Contest Submissions folder! Otherwise it will be ignored!
:bulletgreen: Must be a FINISHED picture. Colored lined shaded etc.
:bulletgreen: Must be full body or almost full body. No headshots.
:bulletgreen: Must have a creative outfit because the mascot will probably only have ONE outfit.
:bulletgreen: Must be YOUR artwork. Cannot be stolen.
:bulletgreen: You cannot commission someone to do it for you.
:bulletgreen: It has to be completely original. you can take ideas from references and stuff but do not strait up copy someone's clothes, hairstyle etc.
:bulletgreen: If your artwork is a chibi it is acceptable but if your design is chosen you will be required to draw a normal anime version of her.

Some Helpful Guidelines

:bulletyellow: The mascot should be a girl!
:bulletyellow: I would like her to have animal ears and a tail but if you find her looking better without it or just aren't able to draw them well that is fine.
:bulletyellow: Please dress her in appropriate attire. I personally prefer a Victorian or Queenly look. A large flowing dress or something. Catering to my whims will get you far in the contest.
:bulletyellow: She needn't be slutty. An average chest and suttle curves is prefered. I don't need a huge breasted crazy woman running about my contest. :D
:bulletyellow: She should be between the ages of 17-25!
:bulletyellow: I like exotic hair and eye colors but don't get too crazy! She shouldn't look like she got attacked by a bunch or markers.

There are high chances of there being a tie. If that's the case we will simply have more mascots. :squee: Fanart is greatly appreciated.


If you have any other questions just shoot me a message!

OKAI! That's all you need! c:

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries







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